about me

My name is Itana. I have dealt with I ching for years now. In course of that time I have discovered and am still discovering secrets hidden in this ancient system. As Confucius said: a whole life is not enough to fully know everything I ching is. What I can say today is that working with I ching has caused my personal improvement. It helped me to discover my faults and virtues. My eyes have opened for many a truth about me and the world around. Therefore, I ching has made my life more meaningful and fulfilled. I started as everyone else, looking for answers about what would happen. As time passed I grew to understand that all events are generated from inside and that the true event initiator is in me. Working with this system I have comprehended the truthfulness of energy circulation. Therefore I strictly abide by the five basic virtues and make sure that everything I do is right. Whatever is astray, I consider irresponsible and dangerous.
All these notions have indicated the truthfulness of synchronicity, cohesion of objects, complying in similarity and attraction as if by an invisible magnet. This invisible magnet is the warp containing our huge internet system. For that very reason, Internet is an acceptable way to use this system to communicate and transmit answers, just as random generating of hexagrams.
I gladly share my experience with others and help people to interpret answeres given by this system; thereby, I act as an interpreter from the language of archetype images to everyday language we know.